1. SCF Fall Season 2021 Games
  2. SCF Summer Camp 2 Experience 21
  3. SCF Summer Camp 1 Experience 21
  4. SCF 11u Plays Their First Game Of The Year


  • DAY: Every Tuesday from January to March
  • LOCATION: Palisades Recreation Park (Outside Courts)
  • TIME: 3:30pm – 5:00pm
  • CLASS LENGTH:  90 Minutes
  • AGE: 6 1/2 -9
  • Cost: $40/class
  • LEVEL: Beginner


  • FUNDAMENTALS:  They will learn the basketball basics to develop individual skills
  • IQ DEVELOPMENT:  They will learn how to employ their individual and group skill set within game play.
  • EFFORT: They will learn the value of hard work and how to push themselves to achieve their goals.
  • RESPECT: They will learn the importance of respecting the game, their coach and their teammates.
  • CAMARADERIE: They will learn the importance of being a good teammate.
  • ENERGY: They will learn how their attitude, enthusiasm and spirit affects the outcome.



  • Once you register you will receive a confirmation email summary of your registration as well as a payment confirmation email.
  • Classes will be located in the Palisades area.
  • To ensure everyone’s safety with our continued fight against Covid19, we have protocol and procedures in place following the CDC recommendations. For additional questions or concerns, please email us here
  • Regardless for your personal choice to receive vaccination or not, everyone is still required to wear a mask while participating.