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We are keen on cultivating Fierce athletes and Fearless competitors. Beyond the game, we focus on instilling values, bolstering self-esteem, building confidence and shaping good work ethic on and off the court. My job is to make sure our Fierce Athletes reap all the benefits of my years of experience as a professional athlete & coach at every level of the game.

Key Program Takeaways

Fierce Athletes Will Develop Better Work Ethic & Habits

We believe basketball is a great personal development and mentoring tool. With the right mindset and approach, it can take you far beyond the hardwood floors. Our Fierce Athletes will demonstrate more self-awareness, mental toughness and independence to help them reach their self-improvement goals not only on the court but also, in life.

Fierce Athletes Will Star In Their Role

We focus on cultivating untapped potential in our student athletes. They will have demonstrated a better understanding of how to execute offense, identify defensive schemes and contribute a honed skill set that will be an asset on any team.


Our travel teams compete in local and regional games and tournaments to gain competitive experience to further develop their skills and cognizance of the game. This also helps them understand teamwork, build character and boost self-esteem so they are prepared for the next level as student athletes.


We offer camps, clinics and instructional classes as a way for youth and student athletes to stay physically active and work on their game in between seasons. It’s a fun and exciting introduction to basketball for younger participants and a way for competitive players to strengthen their fundamental skills, athleticism and broaden their cognizance of the game.


Our Elite Travel Team program is for high school age student athletes who are ready to compete in AAU sanctioned events and tournaments. We focus on cultivating Fierce athletes who are confident in their ability to do their job on the floor and Fearless competitors who can heighten their game play on the floor to help their team’s overall success. AAU season begins in late March and ends in July.


SCF’s teaching philosophy derives from 3 important facets of coaching that help cultivate a complete and sound player.  MINDFULNESS, which focuses on INDIVIDUAL PLAYER NEEDS and EXPERIENCES to obtain OPTIMAL TEAM RESULTS. VALUES which focuses on PERFORMANCE PRINCIPLES to build success characteristics on and off the court. PLAYER DEVELOPMENT, which focuses on progressively assessing and evaluating players uptapped potential to help them reach short and long term improvement goals.



Players-first coaching is a concept adaptation from the well-renowned Coach John Calipari’s teaching philosophy. He focuses a lot of his attention on what a player needs to get the best results.

I’ve found over the years of my experience as a international pro player and now coach, taking a mindfulness approach became a reoccurring theme in not only my success as a player but also the success of the players I now coach.

– Coach Mike

Mindfulness coaching helps cultivate awareness to encourage moving with intention. It helps us focus our attention on what is happening in the moment (usually in a game setting or when learning a new skill or play). It also helps us acknowledge what attitude we will take when we experience challenges as well. Mindfulness is helpful in how we relate to things and experiences happening around us; especially in basketball when players need to recover quickly to keep their heads in the game. The end result will usually produce more positive outcomes for players and their teammates.


(Performance Principles)

We value what it means to be a complete player as a teammate and student athlete. That is why it is important to instill principles that guide a player’s overall performance. We hold each player to these standards because we feel it brings the best out of each and every athlete.

Fundamentals are the foundation of basketball development. We value building our FIERCE Athletes from the ground up.
IQ development is one of our key teaching strategies. We value helping players learn to use their instincts to improve their read and reaction to what they are experiencing on the floor.
Effort is more than just showing up, it's about giving your best each time and leaving it all on the hardwood. We value the hard work and results of hard work when FIERCE athletes go above and beyond to become the best version of themselves.
Respect yourself first. We value teaching our athletes to not only respect themselves and their opponents but also the game of basketball.
Camaraderie brings us all together. We value the relationships we build with our FIERCE athletes as well as the ones they build amongst each other.
Energy is always fueled by our love of the game. We value enthusiasm and a winning mentality.


Our player development pathway ensures each player in their respective age group gains the right experience over time to be successful on the court. On average, 35% of the kids who enter our program have little to no basketball skills. However, after only one season, 10% of those kids show improvement. Similarly, the 10% who enter our program with little to no competitive edge improve by 50% after one season. It’s the same with Game Cognizance & IQ.  Of the 5% who enter our program with little to no comprehension, 3% show significant improvement after one season. That’s more than 50%. Over the next 3 seasons, these percentages naturally increase over time with improved fine motor skills, athletic performance and game situational play.

In summary, based on our evaluations and Fierce curriculum we have seen significant improvement from all players in all areas of the game whether they enter the program with experience or not.  This is a great starting point to lay out pathways to reach individual and team short and long term improvement goals.

Participating in clinics, classes and camps also gives players an opportunity to work on individual goals like shooting and ball handling. To inquire more about what we offer, click the button below.


Have a few questions before joining our program or participating in So Cal Fierce activities and events?
Check out the most common questions we receive below.

When does SCF basketball seasons start?

Fall season starts early September and runs for 10 weeks.

Winter season begins early December and runs for 10 weeks.

Spring season starts late March and runs for 10 weeks.

We also offer free tryout clinics every first Wednesday of the month during each season. The link to register is

What is the age group to participate in So Cal Fierce?

We have two tiers, 8u and 10u & up.

  • 8u/9u is our development tier where the main focus is for players is to develop skills and a competitive understanding of the game. There will be inner scrimmage play so that they can learn defensive strategies and game concepts.
  • For Travel Ball teams, we suggest 10u & up. They compete in shootouts as well as AAU sanctioned games and tournaments. For camps, clinics and classes, we suggest 8 years and older to participate.

What days are practices and games?

Practices are usually Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with beach workouts on Sundays. However, on rare occasions, practices days, times and locations may change depending on the availability of gyms/practice sites. Official days and times are made available on the parent portal under program schedule for parents registered with our program.

Games are typically on the weekends either Saturday and/or Sunday.

You can also Contact Us for the most recent program schedule updates.

What time are practices and games?

Practices are usually in the afternoon or early evening after school between 3pm and 7pm.

Where are practices and games held?

Practices, clinics and camps are usually held in the Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades area. Games however are dependent upon host and are usually held in the valley, South Bay and surrounding cities.

Are practices and games held indoors or outdoors?

Currently, we hold practices outdoors and sometimes indoors depending on the weather. Games are held indoors. If anything changes, we always notify parents and gather feedback to make adjustments accordingly.

Is everyone required to wear a mask?

With masks mandates lifted, we no longer require masks to be worn. However, facility and/or event hosts may decide to require masks. Nonetheless, when it is not enforced, we leave it up to parents to decide what is best for their child.

Does my child need to have basketball experience?

Generally speaking, kids do not need to have extensive basketball experience or training in order to participate in our program but should demonstrate basic fundamentals.

  • For our club teams, practice players have the opportunity to learn the game and develop their skill set participating with those with more experience.
  • We recommend parents with children that have little to no basketball experience  sign up for our camps, clinics and/or classes as a pathway to competitive play. This will also help to further advance their skill level and gain experience to compete in organized games. This ensures they are getting the best fundamental training as their motor skills develop.

How much are Program fees and how do I sign up for your Travel Ball?

To learn more about the investment in your child’s basketball development, please fill out a program inquiry here to see our fee breakdown. If you are not sure what competitive level your child should be in, we recommend signing up for a Tryout Clinic held once a month or a “Single Day Session” where your child can be evaluated by our coaching staff.


Although we prefer each child start at the beginning of each season to get the full experience of what we offer, we understand that sometimes that is not possible with other obligations. Please always fill out our program inquiry before registering and paying fees  so that we can offer guidance on the best way to navigate your child’s basketball experience within our program.

How do I cancel my Travel Team Membership, request a refund or apply a credit for an activity or event?


We are never happy to see any of our So Cal Fierce athletes move on from us; however, we completely understand when circumstances change your child’s participation in our program. If at any point, you have to discontinue your membership with our So Cal Fierce Family, simply use this form or email us directly and send a 30 day notice as soon as you make your final monthly payment for the month your child will participate. Once we confirm your 30 day notice, we will cancel your parent portal account after the 30 days have expired.

  1. FOR SIBLING ACCOUNTS: If you are canceling participation for one child only, we will cancel the “SIBLING ADD-ON” fee.
  2. PRORATION: At this time we can only offer proration for new program registrants who may start later in the season. This is also the case for returning players who start later than the first day of any given season.
  3. *FEE REDUCTION REQUESTS: Unfortunately, we can not offer reduced fees due to limited participation and/or outside schedule conflicts or missed days. We will however, consider all circumstances on a case by case scenario and may offer alternative recommendations.


  1. An active player is a player that is currently in our program. This means season dues are current and they participate in practices, games or clinics and team building activities 80% of time.
  2. An inactive player is a player that may be registered with our program but is currently not participating or participating less than is what is required to be considered as an active player. This includes participation in practices, games and team building activities. Fees may or may not be current or there may be a credit pending for the current season.
    1. When your child remains inactive for more than 30 days your parent portal will expire automatically and you will lose access to your account unless you reactivate it when the season starts or inform us of the approximate date your child plans to return to the program. If you do not reactivate your account by said date and/or we do not receive an update from you to discontinue indefinitely, we will assume your child will not be returning to the program and will close your  account. You will need to register for the program again should you decide to participate again in the future.
    2. If we close your account after 30 days with no further communication from you in regards to a possible return, any remaining credit will be refunded to the card on file. Your child will also forfeit their jersey number and it will be made available for new players to select.



For CAMPS, CLINICS, CLASSES, GAMES  AND/OR EVENTS registration like games, classes and/or special events, we do offer rollovers with advance notice of at least a 48 hour notice before the event start date and we will be happy to assist you. If you register and pay but then do not show up, you are forfeiting your participation fee. In this instance, we can not guarantee a refund once payment is processed and arrangements have been made to accommodate your child’s attendance (i.e. t-shirts or other gear provided to attendees. This is especially important to consider when we have to cover permit fees, tournament fees (which are non-refundable by host), pay out of pocket event expenses and/or it affects the overall opportunity for everyone to participate to the full capacity. Special circumstances will be considered on a case by case scenario. We ask that you make sure the event location, time and any other pertinent details do not conflict with your schedule and/or availability before you register.



If you simply made a mistake where you need to make an order change, paid twice or were unable to identify a charge on your bank statement, please feel free to use this form to make a refund request. You can also send us a direct email with the SUBJECT LINE: REFUND REQUEST and include in the body of the email your contact information, your minor’s name(s) why you are requesting a refund and any supporting documentation to verify your transaction. This will help us locate the correct payment and process your refund faster.

Have a question that you don’t see an answer for here? No problem. Simply send us your question by clicking here or click on our contact form in the footer below.