Our Fierce Athletes came to play this fall season and I couldn’t be more proud of the their hard work, work ethic and overall development. One thing I know for sure with our boys is, it didn’t matter where they started as a player, we set development goals for this season and they are exceeding them.  We are just getting started and I couldn’t be more proud!

–  Coach Mike

Fall 2021 kicked off our first official season as a development program. Our goal was to ensured our players found their role in the game so they could start honing their skill set. We saw a lot of toughness and fearlessness out there on the court amongst our athletes making them stronger competitive contenders. Families and friends and fans witnessed buzzer beater games, comeback victories and an overall exciting experience with so many great memories and we can’t wait to create more!

Enjoy your holiday boys! We will see you in the new year!

Good job boys!